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    Should Contractors File a Claim Against Their Contractors Insurance or a Project’s Insurance?

    In most situations, an insurance claim is covered by a single policy. Occasionally, however, claims in the contracting industry can legitimately be covered by both a contractor’s own insurance policy and a project’s insurance policy. In these situations, it can be difficult to decide which policy to file a claim against. If you’re a contractor in Massachusetts, here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of filing such a claim with your own contractors insurance policy or a project’s insurance policy.

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    Topics: Contractor Insurance

    What Perils Does My Renters Insurance Cover?

    Renters insurance offers Massachusetts residents who lease houses, townhomes and apartments with affordable coverage for their from a variety of perils. Here’s a look at perils that many renters policies protect against.

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    Topics: Renters Insurance

    Does My Personal Umbrella Policy Cover My Entire Family?

    Topics: Personal Umbrella Policy

    5 Items to Look For When Buying Commercial Property Insurance

    Topics: Commercial Property Insurance, Massachusetts Insurance, Business Insurance

    What Discounts on Motorcycle Insurance Can I Qualify For?

    Topics: motorcycle Insurance, Massachusetts Insurance

    When Should I Contact My Insurance Agent About Life Insurance?

    Topics: Massachusetts Insurance, Life Insurance

    Should I Cancel My Seasonal Business’ Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Topics: Commercial Auto Insurance, Massachusetts Insurance, Business Insurance

    4 Simple Benefits of Purchasing a Massachusetts Business Owners Policy

    Topics: Business Owners Policy, Massachusetts Insurance, Business Insurance

    How Much Business Interruption Insurance Does My Business Need?

    Topics: Massachusetts Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Business Insurance

    An Expert Guide to the Flood Insurance Markets in Massachusetts

    Topics: Massachusetts, Flood Insurance, National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA

    Will Condo Insurance Cover Your Massachusetts Condominium While You're Away?

    Topics: Condo Insurance, Massachusetts Insurance

    Your Massachusetts Car Insurance Premiums are Increasing. But Why?

    Topics: Car Insurance, Massachusetts Insurance

    Will Your Boat Insurance Cover You Anywhere in Massachusetts?

    Topics: Massachusetts, Boat Insurance

    Liquor Liability Insurance in Springfield, MA: Protect Company Events

    Topics: Massachusetts, Springfield, MA, Liquor Liability Insurance

    Uninsured Subcontractors Increase Your Workers Compensation Insurance

    Topics: Workers Compensation Insurance, West Springfield, MA, Massachusetts Insurance

    7 Snowmobile Safety Tips to Keep You and Your Sled on the Trails

    Topics: Massachusetts, Snowmobile Safety Tips

    Very Common (and Highly Unfortunate) Reasons Why Computers Fail on You

    Topics: Computer Failure

    5 Incidents a Northampton, MA Business’ Cyber Insurance May Cover

    Topics: Massachusetts, Northampton, MA, Cyber Insurance

    Adding a Roommate to Your Renters Insurance in Springfield, MA? Think Twice

    Topics: Renters Insurance, Massachusetts, Springfield, MA

    Buying a Home in Ludlow, MA? Get Homeowners Insurance Before You Close

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance, Massachusetts, Ludlow, MA

    3 Holiday Mishaps Your Easthampton Homeowners Insurance Might Cover

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance, Easthampton, Massachusetts

    Understanding Your Springfield Commercial Property Insurance Policy

    Topics: Commercial Property Insurance, Springfield, Massachusetts

    Car Insurance for West Springfield Residents: Credit Score Impact

    Topics: Car Insurance, West Springfield, Massachusetts

    Does Your Chicopee Homeowners Insurance Cover All of Your Stuff?

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance, Massachusetts, Chicopee

    West Springfield Families Need Homeowners Insurance To Cover Puppies

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance, West Springfield

    Scoring Nice Discounts on Condo Insurance in East Longmeadow, MA

    Topics: Condo Insurance, East Longmeadow

    How to Avoid Buying a Car With an Open Recall

    Topics: Auto Safety, Car Safety, Car Recalls, Auto Recalls

    What is Covered Under a Condo Insurance Policy in Easthampton?

    Topics: Condo Insurance

    Are Longmeadow Contractors Covered by Workers Compensation Insurance?

    Topics: Workers Compensation Insurance

    Improve Fire Safety to Reduce Easthampton Homeowners Insurance Claims

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance, Easthampton

    4 Reasons Springfield Residents Need Personal Umbrella Insurance Today

    Topics: Springfield Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Non-Profits in Northampton

    Topics: Employment Liability Practices Insurance

    Pollution Liability Insurance in Springfield: Know the Basics

    Topics: Pollution Liability Insurance

    Northampton Students: Check Your Homeowners Insurance Before College

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance

    Personal Umbrella Insurance and When You Will Need it in Wilbraham

    Topics: Personal Umbrella Insurance

    Homeowners Insurance & Multi-Policy Discounts for Ludlow Landlords

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance

    East Longmeadow Tips: Business Owners Policy vs. Commercial Package Policy

    Topics: Business Owners Policy

    How Can Chicopee Companies Benefit from a Business Owners Policy?

    Topics: Business Owners Policy

    How to Save on Commercial Auto Insurance in Ludlow

    Topics: Commercial Auto Insurance

    Who Is Eligible for Springfield Workers Compensation Insurance?

    Topics: Workers Compensation Insurance

    Longmeadow Bikers: Does Your Motorcycle Insurance Cover Custom Work?

    Topics: motorcycle Insurance

    How Much Springfield Condo Insurance Do You Need?

    Topics: Condo Insurance

    Springfield Motorcycle Insurance: Lower Costs With Safety Courses

    Topics: motorcycle Insurance

    4 Ways to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance in Longmeadow

    Topics: Homeowners Insurance

    Commercial Insurance For My Business Vehicles in Wilbraham

    Topics: Commercial Insurance

    Protect Yourself From Theft With Massachusetts Jeweler Insurance

    Topics: Jeweler Insurance

    Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Longmeadow?

    Topics: Commercial Auto Insurance

    Small Business Insurance: Common RIsks in Longmeadow

    Topics: Small Business Insurance

    What is Cyber Liability Insurance and Who Needs It In Longmeadow?

    Topics: Cyber Liability Insurance

    Springfield Businesses Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance

    Topics: Employment Liability Practices Insurance

    Pollution Insurance in Springfield Isn't Just for Factories

    Topics: Pollution Insurance

    Commercial Insurance In Springfield for Your Auto Coverage

    Topics: Commercial Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance

    Appraising Your Longmeadow House For High Value Home Insurance

    Topics: High Value Home Insurance

    Commercial Insurance For Your Home-Based Springfield Business

    Topics: Commercial Insurance

    High Value Home Insurance In Springfield: Determining Your Need

    Topics: High Value Home Insurance

    Small Business Insurance In Springfield and Emergency Preparedness

    Topics: Small Business Insurance

    Important Factors to Consider About Contractors Insurance in Springfield

    Topics: Contractor Insurance

    Springfield Insurance Experts Detail Auto Dealership Coverage Needs

    Topics: Springfield Insurance

    Get The Best New Car Advice From Springfield Insurance Pros

    Topics: Car Insurance, Springfield Insurance

    3 Types of Small Business Insurance for Springfield Company Assets

    Topics: Small Business Insurance

    Springfield Small Business Insurance: Small Business, Big Liability?

    Topics: Small Business Insurance

    5 Situations Where an Insurance Service Center Can Help With Short-Term Car Insurance

    Topics: Insurance Service Center, Car Insurance

    Contractor Insurance in Springfield: Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom-Made

    Topics: Contractor Insurance

    Do I Need Small Business Insurance If I Work From My Springfield Home?

    Topics: Small Business Insurance

    Does Your Springfield Company Need Key Person Small Business Insurance Coverage?


    5 Important Reasons Why You Need Springfield Contractor Insurance

    Topics: Contractor Insurance

    How an Insurance Service Center Can Help With Homeowners Insurance

    Topics: Insurance Service Center, Home Insurance