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As a business owner, you have a lot to juggle. Though safety is a top priority, accidents can happen, and lawsuits may result. Legal defenses, settlements, medical payments, and other expenses can quickly add up, putting your business in financial jeopardy. General liability policies can help cover these costs, shielding your company from the effects of accidental damages and injuries.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Liability Insurance

Whether you run a corporate office, restaurant, storefront, or other business, there is always the risk that damages or injuries can occur.

  • A customer can slip on a wet floor or icy parking lot, becoming injured.
  • Your employee may accidentally cause damage to a customer’s home while making a delivery or installation.
  • You may inadvertently cause damage to your rented office space.

These and many other situations occur to businesses every day. When such accidents occur, you are legally liable for the expenses incurred by the injured party. A general liability policy covers common situations such as these to relieve you of the financial burden when an accident occurs.

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General Liability Insurance Massachusetts


The Benefits of General Liability Insurance

Most businesses will face a situation of accidental damages or injuries at some point. Insurance experts recommend that almost all businesses carry general liability coverage, which can help in a wide variety of situations. Most policies can include coverage for:

  • Medical payments when injuries are sustained at your office or job site.
  • Property damage for the repair or replacement for customer or other property damaged by you or your employees as part of your business operations.
  • Advertising injury and copyright infringement.
  • Libel, slander, violation of privacy, and other personal or reputational injuries.

Coverage can include legal defense fees, court costs, settlements, judgements, medical payments, and other expenses stemming from accidental harm up to your policy limit.

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

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Affordable Coverage for Massachusetts Business Owners


General liability coverage is essential for most businesses. Fortunately, there are ways to make your policy more affordable. For many businesses, general liability coverage can be obtained in a business owners policy package. Combining liability and property coverage, along with other optional coverage, these packages offer discount prices on the policies that businesses use most.

Many Massachusetts insurance carriers also offer discounts for safe businesses. Conducting safety training, establishing safety protocols, and following best practices can reduce your risk of needing to file a claim with your insurance carrier, which can ultimately reduce your premium costs. Your agent can help you determine what discounts are available for your business and policy.Protecting your clients, employees, and others is a top priority for your business. With general liability insurance, you can get important financial protections if your business is sued or otherwise found liable for the expenses associated with accidental injuries and damages. It is important coverage for your company.

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