When Should I Review My Car Insurance Policy?

Jan 31, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Conducting periodic reviews of your car insurance policy helps make sure you’re properly covered and are getting a fair rate for the policy you have. The Following are a few times when you should talk with an independent insurance agent in Massachusetts about your current auto insurance policy and other insurers’ policy offerings.

Car Insurance Massachusetts

How Often Should I Review My Massachusetts Car Insurance Policy?

When Purchasing a New Car Insurance Policy

Reviewing a car insurance policy with a knowledgeable Massachusetts insurance agent before you buy the policy might seem like an obviously good idea. A surprising number of drivers skip this step, however.

Many drivers use online tools to get find and purchase a policy, and they sometimes never actually talk to an agent about the policy they select. While the speed and convenience of this purchasing method can’t be denied, doing everything online can leave drivers unprotected in areas. They don’t always understand the coverages they select and those that they decline, and occasionally they don’t purchase all the protections that ought to be in place.

This potential danger can easily be avoided by briefly reviewing any policy you might purchase with a knowledgeable agent before you actually buy the policy. You can still begin the process by searching for quotes online, but take a moment to message or call an agent before you actually sign up for a policy. An agent will be able to help make sure all desired protections are included in the policy you choose, and the conversation doesn’t add that much time to the purchasing process.

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When Your Current Auto Insurance Policy Renews

Most auto insurance policies are written for six months at a time, although some policies may have different effectual periods. Whenever a policy’s term expires, the policy is typically terminated and renewed.

While many drivers automatically renew coverage with the same carrier when their policy expires, there’s generally not an actual obligation to. It may be easier to let your current carrier sign you up for another policy, but reviewing the policy and shopping around with an independent agent has its benefits.

By taking a few minutes to review a renewing policy with an insurance agent, you can first make sure the policy’s coverages still meet your needs. If you’ve had any major changes, you might want to make adjustments to the policy itself. Assuming you’re working with an independent agent, you can also check the new policy’s rates against those offered by other insurance companies. If another company offers more affordable premiums for the same coverages, your independent agent can usually help you switch carriers.

Car Insurance Massachusetts

When Your Policy is Canceled

Should you ever receive a notice that your insurance coverage has been canceled, whether due to non-payment, a major traffic violation or another issue, you should quickly talk with an independent insurance agent. Driving without the state-mandated minimum levels of auto insurance is illegal in most cases, and an insurance agent will be able to check how you might get coverage reinstated. They’ll be able to see how insurers handle your particular situation and find you the best solution possible.

When You Have a Claim or Ticket

If you ever have to file a claim against your auto insurance policy or receive a traffic ticket, your insurance agent may be able to help you. These incidents typically aren’t as severe as having your policy canceled altogether, but they frequently still impact your premiums. An independent agent can check to see whether another insurer will give you a better rate than any new one that your current carrier assesses after a claim or ticket.

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When You Have a Major Life Event

Certain major life events require you to update your insurance policy. For example, you’ll probably have to notify your insurance carrier anytime you have a new driver enter the family or whenever you move. Your insurance agent can help with the updating process and make sure your policy still suits your situation.

Talk with an Independent Agent in Massachusetts

These are just some of the times when you ought to review your car insurance coverage. The next time you need help with your policy, contact the experienced and independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our team has helped many Massachusetts drivers, and we’re here to assist with any auto policy needs you might have.

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