What is Electrician Insurance?

Working as an electrician can be a profitable and fulfilling career. A single mistake or accident, however, can have a major effect on an electrician's career. It can financially devastate their business and possibly even cause bankruptcy. Electrician insurance helps Massachusetts electricians protect the businesses they’ve invested so much in from the potential financial ruin that an incident could cause. 

Electrician insurance is a specialized form of insurance that’s designed to provide electricians with the insurance protections they need. Most policies are package policies, which means they combine several individual coverages together to offer robust protection from a variety of potential perils. The individual coverages included in any one electrician policy can usually be customized to suit a particular electrician's needs.

What Sorts of Incidents Do Electrician Policies Cover?

Exactly what incidents a particular electrician policy will cover is determined by the policy’s coverages. With the proper coverages, a policy may provide coverage if an electrician:

  • Has equipment or tools stolen while they’re at a job site
  • Gets in an auto accident while driving to a job site
  • Is shocked while working or suffers another work-related injury
  • Makes an error that causes a fire
  • Harms someone else or damages another person’s property while working

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Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Included in Electrician Policies?

Since electrician policies can be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular business, there isn’t one set of coverages that all policies have. There are, however, some common coverages that many policies either include automatically or make available as optional protections. These can mostly be categorized into electrician liability insurance coverages and commercial property insurance coverages.

Electrician liability insurance coverages generally protect electricians from claims and lawsuits that seek to hold them responsible for accidents and mistakes. A few examples of electrician liability insurance coverages that a policy might have include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which is used in many industries to protect businesses from a variety of potential risks
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which may provide protection from claims filed against electricians for providing bad advice
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage, which is a supplemental liability coverage that may bolster the protections offered by other electrician liability insurance coveragesRequest a Quote!

Commercial property insurance coverages are generally used to insure the property, equipment, tools and supplies that electricians’ businesses own. These coverages may provide protection from theft, vandalism, fire and many other perils. Some commercial property insurance coverages that electricians might want include:

  • Building Property Coverage, which might provide protection for a building that an electrician owns
  • Contents Coverage, which may insure the equipment, tools and supplies that an electrician has while it’s on property that the electrician owns
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may insure equipment, tools and supplies while they’re being transported between job sites
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might help pay to repair equipment that breaks down during a covered incident

In addition to these coverages, electricians may also need commercial auto insurance, business interruption insurance or other insurance policies. In many cases, these can be added to the electrician liability insurance coverages and commercial property insurance coverages that an electrician policy contains.

Electrician Insurance Massachusetts

Do Electrician Policies Include Workers Compensation Coverage?

Electrician policies generally don’t include workers compensation coverage. Workers compensation, disability and health insurance usually must be purchased separately if they’re wanted or needed.

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Consider Getting an Electrician Policy?

Any business or individual in Massachusetts who works in the electrical industry should strongly consider getting an electrician policy. This includes electricians, electrical contractors and companies that offer electrical services. Most businesses in the industry, from small sole proprietorships to large corporations, should be protected with an insurance policy.

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How Can Electricians in Massachusetts Get Electrician Insurance?

With the assistance of an independent insurance agent, electricians in Massachusetts can easily find electrician insurance that’s suited for their situation. An independent agent can quickly get quotes from multiple insurers in the state, and they have the expertise to help an electrician compare the different coverages and select the best policy.

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