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East Longmeadow is a special place and to live and work and we love serving the great people in this town. Below, you can find some cool background information about awesome community!

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East Longmeadow, Massachusetts is a town in the western part of the state. It was first settled in 1720 as part of Springfield, MA, and then as a part of Longmeadow in 1783. It was originally pasture land, as was much of Longmeadow. Upon the discovery of brownstone in this eastern part of town, the population began to explode, with stonemasons and stonecutters from Canada, Italy, and Sweden, giving East Longmeadow its long-standing tradition of diversity.

As the eastern section of Longmeadow became more industrialized and populated, its citizens petitioned to separate from Longmeadow. This was granted in 1894, and East Longmeadow was formed. Brownstone quarries remained the bulk of the economy in the 19th and 20th centuries, with Longmeadow Brownstone used in the construction of homes throughout Massachusetts as well as Harvard University, the Smithsonian Museums, Hartford’s Trinity Church, and Princeton University’s library.

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After most of the 50 quarries were closed in the 1950s, the town transitioned to its modern role of a suburb of Springfield, while still maintaining its industrial roots with the Milton Bradley Company (now Hasbro). Its multi-cultural community is vibrant and intact today, and a source of great pride for the residents of this town.


East Longmeadow is located in Hampden County, Massachusetts, about 5 miles southeast of Springfield, MA. It covers 13 square miles, as was granted to the town when it split from Longmeadow. Its population was reported to be 15,720 in the 2010 census.

Throughout the town, the brownstone quarries that it is known for can be found. Though largely closed, occasionally there is call to reopen a quarry to make repairs to one of the famous and historic buildings built with this material.

Heritage Park is a major attraction within the town, with athletic fields, picnic areas, and playground. It also has a small body of water, Walt Seifert Pond, which is home to swans and fish.
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Milton Bradley

East Longmeadow, MA was the longtime home of the Milton Bradley Company. Though purchased by Hasbro in 1984, the town still is home to one of the largest facilities of this toy manufacturer.

Milton Bradley was born in Maine in 1836, and in 1860 set up the first lithography shop in Massachusetts in Springfield. He went on to produce the Checkered Game of Life and then jigsaw puzzles in 1880, eventually forming the Milton Bradley Company. This corporation became one of the largest game and toy manufacturers in the world, with Milton Bradley considered the father of board games.

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The manufacturing plant in East Longmeadow opened in 1962. Covering 20 acres, this facility employs 1,800 people. Some games manufactured here include popular family-favorites such as:

  • Twister
  • Candyland
  • Scrabble
  • Yahtzee

After its acquisition by Hasbro, the East Longmeadow facility also began to produce Parker Brothers games and toys.

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts is a town that most Americans have been touched by, though they may not know it. From the famous and iconic buildings built from the stone quarried here to games found in toy boxes around the country, the proud and diverse history of the town has affected the lives of millions.

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