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Condos have become an extremely popular living option for Massachusetts residents. Combining the convenience, amenities, and maintenance of an apartment with the ownership of a home, they are an ideal solution for many people. When it comes to insuring your condo, you need a policy that also combines the features of rental insurance and homeowners insurance. Condo insurance is a specialized policy created for these unique residences. Your individual condo policy is typically crafted around your association’s master policy. This ensures you don’t have dangerous coverage gaps, while also making sure you are not paying for duplicate coverage.

Condo Insurance Massachusetts

Master Insurance: Two Categories


Master insurance typically falls into one of two categories:

  • All-in policies are more inclusive and cover the exterior structure, along with interior walls, fixtures, appliances, carpets, plumbing, and wiring. If you make any improvements, these will typically not be covered by the master policy.
  • Bare walls in policies cover only the exterior structure, and sometimes plumbing and wiring. Anything within the interior, including appliances and fixtures, are your responsibility.

Master policies also help to cover all common areas for both property and liability damages. This includes paths, stairways, pools, gyms, and other communal areas.


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Condo Insurance Massachusetts


Affordable Massachusetts Condo Insurance 


Condo policies provide both property damage and liability insurance coverage. The goal is to pick up where the master policy leaves off to give you uninterrupted insurance protection.

Your property coverage helps to covers all personal belongings, including clothing, furniture, artwork, electronics, rugs, and appliances. The amount you need should be based on how much it would take to replace all of your belongings if you suffered a total loss. You may need additional insurance for valuables including jewelry and antiques. Property claims typically cover events including:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage

Condo Insurance Massachusetts

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But What Am I Liable For?


Liability coverage helps to pay for legal fees and settlements, as well as medical costs, if an accident or injury occurs for which you are found responsible.

Most condo policies also include loss of use coverage. If your condo is rendered uninhabitable due to a covered event, your insurance can help pay for rent and additional living expenses while repairs are made.

Owning a Massachusetts condo allows you to experience the pride of ownership without the headaches of snow removal, lawn upkeep, and home maintenance. However, it is important to understand your insurance responsibilities. Condos are unique properties that need specialized condo insurance to provide full property and liability protection.

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