What is Event Liability Insurance?

Putting on a special event involves lots of planning. In the midst of all the details that must be attended to, hosts sometimes neglect to consider their insurance needs. Individuals, businesses and organizations in Massachusetts that put on special events should consider protecting themselves with event insurance, though.

Event liability insurance is a specialized form of liability insurance that’s designed to protect the people, businesses and organizations that host events. Policies are often purchased for dances, parades, fundraisers, sports competitions, birthday parties and weddings, as well as many other types of events.

Who in Massachusetts Might Want an Event Liability Insurance Policy?

Any person, organization, or business that’s putting on an event in Massachusetts may benefit from having event liability insurance. Without coverage, hosts may be vulnerable to potential liability claims over incidents that occur during their events.

Is Event Insurance Expensive?

Event policies’ premiums vary, but most are quite affordable. Insurers are often able to provide robust protections at low rates because event policies are only in effect for a short amount of time. They typically only need to provide coverage while equipment is being set up, during an event, and while equipment is being taken down. In some cases, this is all done within a single weekend or even just one day.

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Events Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Event Insurance Policies Offer?

Since event insurance is used for many different kinds of events, policies can include a diverse array of coverages. Some of the more common coverages that many policies have are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which normally offers protection from a number of common risks that many event hosts face
  • Spectator Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries that attendees sustain while at an event
  • Liability for Rented or Loaned Property Coverage, which may help pay for any damage done to borrowed equipment or property sustains during an event
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover injuries and illnesses caused by products that are sold or given away at an event

In addition to these protections, there are a number of specialized coverages that event policies might have. Some of these are appropriate for many events, while others are only applicable in certain scenarios. A few examples of more specialized coverages include:

  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which is often required whenever alcohol is served at events
  • Medical Malpractice Coverage, which might be necessary if an event has a first aid station
  • Animal Liability Coverage, which might cover incidents involving live animals used at an event
  • Aircraft Liability Coverage, which may cover accidents caused by aircraft used at an event

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Do Event Liability Insurance Policies Include Any Property Coverages?

Most event policies are primarily liability policies and don’t include many property coverages.

Property coverages usually aren’t included because they typically aren’t needed. Any property or equipment that a host owns should already be insured against the perils that property coverage would offer protection for, and any property or equipment that’s rented or borrowed ought to be insured by the actual owner.

For example, a property that an event is held on is probably already insured against fire, theft, vandalism and other such perils. Similarly, any equipment used at the event is likely also already insured against risks like these.

Policies often include liability coverage in case something happens to rented or borrowed items during an event. The protections offered by liability coverage are normally different from those that property coverage affords, though.

Events Insurance Massachusetts

How Can People, Organizations, and Businesses in Massachusetts Get an Event Policy?

The easiest way for people, organizations, and businesses to get event insurance is by contacting an independent insurance agent. Event hosts often aren’t familiar with all of the potential perils that their event exposes them to or how to protect against those risks. An independent agent, however, has the expertise to assess the risks associated with an event and recommend appropriate insurance coverages for them. They also can help hosts request quotes from insurers that offer policies in Massachusetts.

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