Important Factors to Consider About Contractors Insurance in Springfield

Jan 25, 2016 4:30:00 AM

Your contracting business can involve many types of risk that necessitate insurance coverage. Contractors face potential liability for the work of employees, as well as the work of engineers and architects involved in their project. You also need coverage if the client’s property is damaged, as well as insurance for your commercial vehicles and your equipment. Contractors in Springfield should work with an agency that specializes in contractors insurance to get adequate policy coverage.


Contractors Insurance Springfield


Contractors Insurance & Mitigating Risk to Your Springfield Business

1. Supervising Your Workers

Many of the risks of operating your Springfield business relate to managing employees. Assume, for example, that you’re building a home. Once you win the bid for the project, you need to plan how your workers will move around the job site. 

Planning your job site is critically important for the safety of your workers. All of your employees need to be trained on how to move around the job site, and you also need to clearly explain how trucks and other vehicles will move in and out of the job site. Contractors also need to plan where equipment and machinery will be used on the site.

2. Worker's Compensation Insurance

All contractors are required to carry worker's compensation insurance for employees. This policy is put in place to cover workers who are injured on the job. Workers compensation pays an income to the injured worker and also covers the worker's medical bills. If you build effective procedures for maintaining safety, you should be able to minimize injuries. Your safety track record can help you reduce the cost of your worker's compensation policy as well. 

3. Contractors Insurance for Engineers and Architects

When you build a new Springfield home, you’re relying on plans created by engineers and architects. If either of these professionals make a mistake that causes damage, the homeowner may sue. You need to have contractors insurance in place to address this legal issue so that you don't have to take the fall for the incompetencies of other workers.

4. Equipment and Machinery on the Job Site

Many contractors keep machinery and equipment on job sites. In many cases, it’s too expensive and time-consuming to move equipment to and from the site. While these assets may be locked up and secured, there is always a risk of vandalism or theft. Contractors should buy insurance to protect machinery and equipment from theft, vandalism or damage. That policy should also cover any assets that are stored at the contractor’s warehouse or garage.

Tie It Up

Managing your Springfield contracting business can be challenging. There are unpredictable issues arriving at every corner and the people working under you can be unreliable as well. Make sure that you have proper contractors insurance in place to minimize your potential liabilities and ensure greater peace-of-mind. 


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Edward J. Adamczyk

Written by Edward J. Adamczyk

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