Scoring Nice Discounts on Condo Insurance in East Longmeadow, MA

Oct 17, 2016 4:32:53 PM

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are several ways to potentially save money on your East Longmeadow condo insurance. Learning what discounts are available and when they might apply in your situation could be the key to substantial savings.Condo Insurance East Longmeadow MA

9 Methods That May Result in East Longmeadow Condo Insurance Discounts

Although a number of insurance providers list some of the more common discounts on their websites, many of them don’t list all of them. To make sure you get all the discounts that apply to your situation, pick up a phone and speak with a friendly agent.

Shopping for a New Condominium

Taking the time to research condominium complexes before purchasing may help to reduce premiums.


When shopping for condos, look for better neighborhoods with less crime. You’ll feel more secure and insurance companies like the idea that your home is at less risk of vandalism and theft.

Condo owners may be entitled to discounts when the complex is located relatively close to a fire station or hydrants.

Age of the Condominium

The cost of most insurance policies may have a direct link to how much risk the insurance provider is taking on. Therefore, newer condominiums with new plumbing, cooling, heating. and roofs may be less costly to insure.

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Gated Communities

Typically, gated communities are more secure. So, it may be worthwhile to shop for a condo with this extra layer of security. 

Discounts for Complex Fire Alarms

When purchasing a unit in a newer condominium complex, it may already be equipped with a central fire alarm and individual alarms in each unit, which may qualify as a fire alarm discount.

Bundling Policies

If you have a condo insurance company in East Longmeadow that provides excellent service, you might consider bundling all your policies together under one carrier. By bundling two or more together such as condo, RV, or boat insurance, you may qualify for a handsome discount.

Safety and Security Improvements That May Qualify for Condo Insurance Discounts in East Longmeadow

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems are a great way to provide peace-of-mind to families and insurance companies. Statistics show that monitored alarm systems can drastically reduce the chance of burglaries. Although you’ll incur upfront expenses to install one of these systems, you may receive a discount up to 20 percent.
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Sprinkler Systems

Installing a sprinkler system inside your condo unit helps to ensure your family’s safety and greatly reduces the chances of damage to your personal property. Before going to the expense of installing a system, talk to your agent to see if it qualifies for a discount.

Miscellaneous Discounts

Maturity Discount

There is a chance that once you turn 50 or 55, you may qualify for an age discount. Insurers notice that older adults typically stay home a great deal of the time and may be likely to detect and repair leaky pipes or an overflowing toilet, which could reduce claims. Discounts may range from 10 to 25 percent.

Claims Free Discount

Loyal customers that have been with one insurance company for several years and never made a claim on their policy may be qualified to receive a nice discount of 20 percent depending upon the carrier. Ask your agent today if you meet the qualifications.

Insurance companies often provide discounts as a reward for reducing risks and claims, which may have a big impact on your condo insurance in East Longmeadow.

Edward J. Adamczyk

Written by Edward J. Adamczyk

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