Understanding Your Springfield Commercial Property Insurance Policy

Dec 9, 2016 6:48:24 PM

Some corporations spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on commercial property. After spending so much money on commercial property, many corporations are willing to do anything in their power to protect their investments. Unsurprisingly, commercial property insurance is an incredibly popular option among corporations in Springfield that cannot afford a commercial property loss. If you recently purchased insurance for your commercial property, here is some information that will help you understand your policy.

Commercial Property Insurance Springfield MA

How to Understand Your Springfield Commercial Property Insurance Plan

To ensure your commercial property and interests are adequately protected, it is important that you thoroughly understand your Springfield insurance policy. Unfortunately, this can be difficult, especially if you've never purchased an insurance policy for your commercial property before. Fortunately, here is some information that should help you gain a better understanding of your insurance plan.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

As you may have guessed, commercial property insurance provides coverage for many types of commercial property. These insurance plans help protect commercial property from a number of dangers, such as natural disaster, fire, and theft. Retailers, manufacturers, service-oriented businesses, and even non-profit organizations carry this type of insurance. Businesses that depend on equipment worth millions or even billions of dollars often spend a significant amount of money on insurance for commercial property. Fortunately, many businesses are able to deduct the cost of the premiums for these insurance policies as expenses.

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Some insurance policies for commercial property also include business interruption insurance. For many businesses, damaged or destroyed commercial property means regular operation must come to a halt. Business interruption insurance may help cover up to an entire year of lost income if you are forced to stop business operation due to damaged or destroyed commercial property. In fact, business interruption insurance will often come into play no matter the cause (within reason) for halting your corporation's operation. If your commercial property is due for repairs or replacement, an insurance policy for commercial property can help keep your business afloat.

What Does Springfield Insurance for Commercial Property Cover?

While you may have a good idea of what commercial property entails, you may be wondering whether certain items or equipment will still qualify for coverage under insurance for commercial property. Here is some of the things commercial property policies can cover:

  • Buildings: Most insurance policies will help to cover the physical location of your corporation. If you happen to own the space, you can choose a policy that will help protect the building as a whole. On the other hand, if you rent the property, you should get a policy that only provides coverage for the possessions.
  • Personal Business Property: Insurance for commercial property can help to provide coverage for inventory, furniture, equipment, and supplies owned by your business. Some insurance companies will even cover property located in areas other than the physical location of your corporation. For example, if you take your company laptop to a meeting offsite, your insurance company may still provide coverage in the event of a loss.

Talk to a Business Specialist!Some insurance companies limit coverage during acquisitions, significant workforce reductions, mergers, and other events. Certain insurance companies don't provide coverage for criminal or intentional acts result in damaged, destroyed, or stolen commercial property. Be sure to pay attention closely to the terms of your policy so you aren't caught by surprise.

Without a doubt, commercial property insurance in Springfield can mean the difference between your corporation staying afloat or going bankrupt. For more information about insurance for commercial property, don't hesitate to contact a local agent.   

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Written by Edward J. Adamczyk

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