What Discounts on Motorcycle Insurance Can I Qualify For?

Aug 9, 2017 4:29:59 PM

Just as insurance companies offer drivers a number of potential discounts on their auto insurance, they also give motorcycle owners many potential discounts on their insurance policies. Here’s a look at just some of the discounts that Massachusetts insurers offer on motorcycle insurance. (Each insurance company has a slightly different list of discounts that it offers.)Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

What Discounts on Motorcycle Insurance Policies Do Massachusetts Insurers Offer?

Safe Rider Discounts

Many insurers offer some form of a safe rider discount. To qualify for this discount, motorcycle owners usually need to maintain a clean record for a certain amount of time. In many cases, the longer they go without being in an accident, the bigger their premium reduction is.

How much drivers can save on motorcycle insurance by having a clean record can vary quite a lot. Therefore, drivers who haven’t been in an accident for some time should shop around to see which insurance company will give them the biggest discount.Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

Mature Rider Discounts

Some insurers also offer discounts on motorcycle coverage to older motorcycle owners. Mature riders generally pose less of a risk than young riders do, so insurance companies are often able to give mature riders lower rates. How old a rider must be to qualify for a mature rider discount varies, and some insurers may not offer this discount.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Most insurers offer multi-policy discounts. Often, the discounts that insurers provide for having more than one policy with them are quite substantial.

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Motorcycle owners who also have an automobile can usually easily qualify for this discount by insuring both vehicles with the same company. Since many motorcycle owners in Massachusetts have an automobile for winter driving, this is a discount that lots of riders can take advantage of.

Discounts for Association Memberships

Some insurers offer motorcycle coverage discounts for being in a motorcycle association. These discounts normally aren’t too big, but they may help offset the cost of membership in an association.

Motorcycle owners can find out whether their insurance provider offers any discounts for association memberships by contacting their independent insurance agent.Motorcycle Insurance Massachusetts

Loyalty Discounts

Some insurers also offer loyalty discounts, which are usually rewarded for renewing a policy with the same insurance company. This discount can help motorcycle owners save on their motorcycle coverage, but the amount they save is sometimes relatively little. In certain situations, riders may actually save more by switching to a different insurer.

Discounts for Motorcycle Safety Courses

Almost all insurers offer some form of discount for taking a motorcycle safety course. This discount frequently isn’t too big, but it can last for several years. Additionally, motorcycle owners are frequently able to still take advantage of it if they switch insurance companies, because most insurers offer a discount like this.

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To qualify for a discount, riders typically must complete an approved course. Courses are often conducted in just a few days, though, and some online courses may meet insurers’ criteria.

Work with Your Massachusetts Agent to Get Discounts on Motorcycle Insurance

In order to make sure you’re taking advantage of every motorcycle insurance discount you qualify for, contact your local independent insurance agent. They’ll be able to tell you what discounts your current insurer offers and make sure you’re getting each one that you qualify for. They can also check what discounts other insurance companies in Massachusetts are offering, in case there’s another insurer that provides more discounts you can take advantage of. If you don’t have an independent insurance agent, call or email one near you who specializes in motorcycle coverage for assistance.

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