How an Insurance Service Center Can Help With Homeowners Insurance

Dec 18, 2015 3:54:46 PM

Many people have great memories of their homes. In addition to a place where you raise your family, your home is probably your most valuable asset, and as such, it's critical that you properly insure your home against damage or theft. Some types of potential damage, such as flooding, are not covered in a basic homeowners insurance policy. To address these potentially uncovered events, work with an insurance service center.

Insurance Service Center

Using an Insurance Service Center

Everyone has hobbies and interests they like to pursue. In addition to homeowners insurance, you may need to insure cars, a motorcycle, or a boat. An insurance service center can help you address all of these needs. If you're confused about what coverage you need, an expert can help explain your coverage requirements.

Quotes and Discounts

These experts can obtain insurance quotes from a variety of carriers. By getting quotes from more than one carrier, your service center can help you save money. Your service center may be able to offer you discounts based on the number of policies you have in place.

Gaps in Coverage

Your agency can look at your overall insurance needs to determine if there are any gaps in your coverage. No matter what you need insured, these experts can make sure that you're covered.

Addressing Gaps in Coverage

An insurance service center can be great help with addressing damage potential that isn't covered in a standard homeowners policy. Here are some examples:


Coverage for flood damage is excluded from most homeowners insurance policies. It's important to work with an expert on this issue. Coverage for wind or storm damage, for example, is different from flood damage.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that mold is a health risk and can cause breathing problems and other illnesses if it has infiltrated your home. Despite the correlation between illness and mold, this issue is not included in many basic homeowner policies.

Sewer Lines

As the pipes in your sewer line age, the risk of sewer backup increases. That's not surprising, as the old pipes can break down or get clogged. A backup can cause damage to the structure of your home (floors, walls) and damage furniture.

Talk with a service center about adding an endorsement to your homeowners policy. An endorsement specifies additional coverage for items not covered in the basic policy. While adding the endorsement may increase the cost of your policy, you'll have coverage for additional types of damage.

Your home is a place where your family creates memories. In addition to this personal connection, your home is also a valuable financial asset that you should protect. Work with an insurance service center to get the proper coverage for your home so that you're prepared for the unexpected.


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