What Are Wedding Insurance Policies?

A newlywed couple’s wedding day is an extremely special day, one where everything is intended to be perfect. No matter how much preparation goes into planning a wedding, however, accidents can happen during them. Wedding insurance policies help Massachusetts couples protect themselves from the potential financial costs of a covered wedding-day incident.

Wedding insurance policies are a specialized type of event insurance policies. They’re uniquely designed to meet the insurance needs of people who are hosting weddings. In most cases, a policy is purchased by either the couple being married or a family member who is helping pay for the special occasion.

Are There Different Kinds of Wedding Policies?

Most wedding policies are either wedding postponement or cancellation insurance policies, or wedding liability insurance policies. Depending on a host’s needs, they may purchase either or both kinds of policies.

Wedding postponement or cancellation insurance policies generally protect the deposits hosts pay to vendors. If a wedding is postponed or canceled for a covered reason, the policy may offer reimbursement for forfeited deposits. In some cases, a policy might also cover the cost of hiring another vendor if a contracted one is unable to provide their promised service or product. 

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Wedding Insurance Massachusetts

Some examples of wedding postponement or cancellation coverages include:

  • Wedding Photographer Coverage, which might cover the costs of reassembling the wedding party for another photoshoot if there’s a covered problem with the photography on the wedding day
  • Tuxedos and Gowns Coverage, which may cover the cost of replacing tuxedos or gowns that are damaged prior to the wedding day
  • Catering and Cake Coverage, which might cover the cost of hiring another baker or caterer at the last minute if the contracted one doesn’t show
  • Military Service Coverage, which may reimburse the host for all paid reimbursements if the wedding is delayed because of a call to active duty

Wedding liability insurance policies typically help protect hosts from liability claims and suits filed against them. A few common coverages that a host might want in their wedding liability insurance policy are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Protection, which might cover any injuries that guests sustain while attending the wedding
  • Property Damage Liability Protection, which may cover damage that’s done to others’ property during the wedding
  • Liquor Liability Protection, which might cover incidents that involve intoxicated guestsWant to Talk to an Agent?

Are Honeymoons Covered by Wedding Policies?

Wedding policies can provide many protections, but their coverages are usually limited to a wedding itself and don’t include honeymoons. Couples who want insurance for their honeymoon normally need some form of trip insurance.

Wedding Insurance Massachusetts

How Do Massachusetts Insurers Determine How Much Wedding Insurance Costs?

As is the case with most insurance policies, Massachusetts insurers take into account many different factors when they’re calculating wedding policies’ premiums. Several of the items they may consider are:

  • How many attendees are expected
  • Where the ceremony and reception will be held
  • Whether alcohol will be offered to guests
  • What coverages the host wants
  • What limits and deductibles the host selects

While exact prices for policies vary, insurers are usually able to offer a number of protections at relatively low rates. Because wedding policies normally are needed only during a wedding, a policy’s coverages usually don’t have to be in effect for long. This limits insurance company’s risk exposure and lets them keep premiums affordable.

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How Can Wedding Hosts in Massachusetts Get Help Finding Insurance?

Hosts who are planning a wedding in Massachusetts should contact an independent insurance agent in the state for help finding wedding insurance. An independent agent will have the expertise necessary to help determine what coverages are appropriate to purchase, and they can request quotes for wedding policies from several different insurers. With an agent's assistance, hosts can easily find a policy that meets their needs without breaking their wedding budget.

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