What Is Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

Providing septic tank services can be profitable work, but it’s labor that comes with certain risks. Septic installers and cleaners insurance helps Massachusetts companies in this industry protect themselves from a range of property and liability risks they face.

Septic installers and cleaners insurance policies are commercial policies that are designed specifically for septic service providers. To offer these companies the various protections that they need, these policies typically come as package policies that combine several protections together.

What Companies in Massachusetts Need Septic Installers Policies?

Broadly speaking, the majority of Massachusetts companies that offer septic services should have septic installers coverage in place. This includes septic tank installers, septic tank cleaners, and businesses that offer both residential and commercial services.

To not carry insurance can leave a business exposed to significant risk, and this insurance is normally the best policy for these businesses.

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Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Offered by Septic Installers Policies?

As mentioned, septic installers policies normally bundle several individual coverages together. Some of the coverages that a policy may offer include:

An agent who’s familiar with septic installers policies can help companies make sure they get a policy that has the right coverages for them.

Is Workers Compensation Coverage Included in Septic Installers Policies?

Workers compensation is an insurance coverage that normally provides financial assistance if an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their work. The coverage is frequently required if a business has employees, and it’s especially important when servicing septic tanks that pose significant risk of both injury and illness.

As necessary as this coverage is, many septic installers and cleaners policies don’t include it within their standard list of protections. Instead, the coverage is often purchased on its own through a distinct policy. An insurance agent who’s familiar with septic installers policies can likely also assist with finding a workers compensation policy.

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How Much Do Septic Installers Policies Cost?

Premiums for septic installer policies vary because they’re based on several different factors. Where a business is located, the exact services it provides, the assets that it owns, and the coverages and limits that it chooses to carry are just some of the items that can influence how much premiums are.

Even with variances in policies’ premiums, however, these policies are usually quite affordable. They can be purchased on a septic service providers’ budget, and carrying a policy is almost always cheaper than what the cost of a significant claim would be without protection in place.

Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Companies Save on Septic Installers Policies?

Comparing quotes for package policies with an independent insurance agent -- who can show quotes from several companies -- is one of the best ways to save on septic installers policies. In addition to this, some companies offer discounts for safety or security measures. An agent can check whether any such discounts are available to a septic company.

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How Can Massachusetts Companies Get Quotes for Septic Installers and Cleaners Insurance?

If you need help insuring a septic services company, talk with the independent agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our team of insurance agents can help you compare policies from several insurance companies in Massachusetts, and we have the knowledge needed to help you select the best septic installers and cleaners insurance policy from what’s available.

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