What is Plumbing Insurance?

Plumbers are exposed to an array of possible perils, including liability, property and other risks. Plumbing insurance policies help plumbers in Massachusetts protect themselves from many of the perils they face.

Plumbing insurance policies are commercial insurance policies that have been specially tailored to meet the risk mitigation needs of plumbers and plumbing businesses. Most policies come with several individual coverages that are packaged together, so the policies can provide a variety of protections.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Have Plumber Insurance?

Most Massachusetts residents and businesses that provide plumbing services ought to have a plumber insurance policy in place. Some examples of individuals and businesses that may need a policy include:

  • Individuals who work full-time as self-employed plumbers
  • Employees of companies who do plumbing work themselves on the side
  • Businesses that offer commercial or residential plumbing services

In addition to these, a few other businesses might also need this kind of policy. Homebuilders, general contractors, kitchen and bath remodelers, and similar businesses might want a plumber insurance policy if they do plumbing work along with other types of work.

Any business that doesn’t know whether this or some other commercial insurance policy is right for them should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in plumber insurance. A knowledgeable agent will have the expertise necessary to provide informed advice based on a business’ specific situation.

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Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Included in Plumber Insurance Policies?

As mentioned, there are many different coverages that a plumber policy may include in its standard or optional protections. A few of the more common ones include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may protect against claims related to common accidents or defamation
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage, which may protect against mistakes made in plumbing work
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which may enhance liability underlying protections with supplemental coverage
  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may protect a business’ owned facilities and equipment
  • Installation Floater Coverage, which may protect supplies between the time of purchase and installation
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may protect equipment that’s transported between sites
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may protect a business’ owned vehicles or personal vehicles driven for work

Along with these, plumbing businesses may also want to consider cyber liability coverage, employment practices liability coverage, business interruption coverage and other available protections. An insurance agent can assist with selecting the coverages that make the most sense for a particular business.

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Do Plumbers Who Work as Subcontractors Need Their Own Insurance?

Plumbers who work for other businesses in a subcontracting role generally should carry their own plumbing policy. Subcontractors normally aren’t classified as employees and thus, may not be protected by a hiring company’s insurance.

How Much Do Plumbing Policies Cost?

Plumbing policies’ premiums often vary, because insurance companies look at many different items when setting rates. Just a few of the factors that could influence how much a business pays for coverage are the:

  • Location of the business’ primary facilities
  • Region that the business services
  • Type of plumbing work that the business does
  • Equipment that the business uses
  • Coverages, deductibles and limits that the business selects

The easiest way to see what different insurance companies will charge a specific business for a given set of protections is generally to work with an independent insurance agent. An independent agent has the freedom to request quotes from multiple insurers in the state, which businesses can then compare and contrast.

Plumbing Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Plumbing Insurance?

For help insuring a plumbing business in Massachusetts, contact the insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our independent agents have worked with many plumbers in the state, and they’re ready to help you find a robust yet affordable plumbing insurance policy.

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