What is Landscaping Insurance?

Running a landscaping business requires a significant investment of both time and money, and the resources that are put into this type of business should be protected. While landscaping insurance doesn’t shield a business from every potential risk, it does afford landscaping businesses in Massachusetts with protection against a variety of covered perils.

Landscaping insurance is a form of commercial insurance that’s tailored to meet the needs of landscaping businesses. In order to provide robust protections, most policies are drafted as package policies that come with several coverages. Businesses can usually adjust the coverages in their policy to suit their particular situation.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Have Lawn Care Insurance?

Most businesses that provide lawn care or landscaping services in Massachusetts ought to carry a lawn care insurance policy. Few (if any) businesses have no risk exposure, and this is generally the most suitable commercial insurance option for these businesses.

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Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Does Lawn Care Insurance Offer?

The exact coverages that lawn care insurance policies offer sometimes vary from one policy to the next, but there are many coverages that policies frequently offer if businesses want them. Some of the more common protections are:

Errors and omissions coverage is frequently referred to with the shorthand “E&O coverage.”

In addition to these protections, many policies also offer cyber liability, commercial umbrella, business interruption and other coverage options. Insurance agents who specialize in these types of policies can help landscaping businesses sort through the many coverage options and select those that make sense for them.

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How Much Do Lawn Care Policies Cost?

Premiums for lawn care policies frequently differ from one policy to the next, because insurance companies look at many factors when setting rates and not every insurer weighs each factor in the same way. Broadly speaking, however, these policies tend to be quite affordable for businesses in the landscaping industry.

Businesses can get an exact idea of how much they need to pay for insurance by talking with an independent agent. Whereas captive agents normally are obligated to promote a single insurance company, independent agents can show businesses quotes form several different insurers. This makes it easy to determine how much different companies will charge a particular business for insurance.

Do Lawn Care Policies Provide Coverage for Snowplowing?

Insurance companies realize that many landscaping businesses plow driveways and parking lots in the winter, and insurers often offer lawn care policies that can also extend coverage to plowing activities. Not every policy will cover these activities, though, so businesses that need coverage for both lawn care and plowing should carefully review policy options with an experienced agent. A knowledgeable agent can make sure a policy will provide sufficient coverage for every aspect of a landscaping business’ operations.

Landscaping Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Landscaping Businesses in Massachusetts Get Landscaping Insurance?

For assistance with selecting a landscaping insurance policy that will protect your business well, contact the independent insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents are well-versed in the available policy options, and they can help you get quotes from multiple insurance companies in Massachusetts. With their assistance, you can quickly and easily find a policy that’ll give your landscaping business the specific protections it needs.

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