What is Handyman Insurance?

Working as a handyman (or woman) can be a rewarding and profitable job, but it’s one that comes with certain risks. These workers and business owners can have property stolen, lose equipment in disasters or be named in liability lawsuits, and those are just a few of the more common perils they face. Handyman insurance policies help protect Massachusetts professionals who specialize in basic maintenance services shield their businesses and themselves from a range of covered risks.

Handyman insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been tailored to the needs of professionals who perform basic maintenance and repairs. Most of these policies come as package policies, combining several individual coverages together so that they can provide more robust protection.

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Who in Massachusetts is a Handyman Policy Right For?

In general, most Massachusetts professionals who primarily do basic maintenance and repair work should consider purchasing a handyman policy. Going without a policy can leave professionals and their businesses unnecessarily and dangerously exposed to risks they couldn’t recover from on their own, and this is usually the most appropriate type of insurance for people in this line of work.

At times, professionals who do this work might even be unable to secure certain jobs if they don’t have an insurance policy in place. Some businesses and some homeowners will refuse to hire professionals who aren’t properly insured.

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Handyman Insurance Massachusetts

Do Skilled Trade Professionals Need a Handyman Policy?

Skilled trade professionals who have studied how to perform a particular type of maintenance or repair work frequently share some insurance needs in common with general handymen. Handyman policies, however, often don’t have all of the coverages that these policies need. Instead, skilled trade professionals are usually better protected by a commercial policy that’s designed for their specific line of work. For example, plumbers and electricians normally should get plumbers and electrician insurance policies rather than handyman policies.

Professionals who don’t know whether a handyman policy or other type of policy is better for their situation can consult an insurance agent who’s familiar with this type of insurance. An informed agent can make a wise recommendation as to which form of insurance is most appropriate given a professional’s situation and work.

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Do Handymen Professionals Have Insurance Coverage Through Their Employer?

Handymen who are paid employees of a company (and not independent contractors) often do have some insurance protection through their employer. The protection is dependent on what policy their employer purchased, however, and the protection typically doesn’t extend to any side jobs done privately outside the scope of employment.

An experienced insurance agent can help anyone who’s unsure what protections they might have through their employer review the employer’s policy and determine whether a supplemental policy is needed.

What Coverages Are Available Through Self-Employed Handyman Insurance Policies?

As stated, self-employed handyman insurance policies frequently come with more than one protection. Exactly what protections policies provide can vary, but the following coverages are commonly offered:

  • Business Property Coverage, which may cover buildings, equipment and supplies a handyman owns
  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage, which may cover commercial trucks, vans or cars a handyman owns
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which may cover equipment, tools and supplies as they’re taken to and from job sites
  • Crime or Theft Coverage, which may cover owned vehicles, equipment and tools from theft
  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover liability lawsuits related to common accidents, defamation or false advertising
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which may cover especially expensive lawsuits with secondary liability protection
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which may cover prolonged decreases in revenue which are brought on by certain incidents
Handyman Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Professionals in Massachusetts Get Handyman Insurance?

Whether you’re a sole proprietor who needs self-employed handyman insurance or you run a multi-side handyman services company that has many employees, the independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group can help you find handyman insurance that fits your situation. We’ve worked with many professionals throughout Massachusetts, and we’re ready to assist you.

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