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Small businesses are a key component of the Massachusetts and U.S. economies. If you are one of the 600,000 small business owners in MA, you know that running a small business is a big job. For many small businesses, a fire, lawsuit, or other major loss is a crippling event that they cannot recover from. With small business insurance, you can help to protect your business from these and other losses.

Small Business Insurance MA

Big Risks For Your Small Business


Studies show that small businesses are at high risk for failing if they suffer a large loss such as a cyber attack, extreme weather damage, or lawsuit. Small businesses facing these events are more likely to have to fully shut down operations during the recovery period, and many never reopen their doors. For those that are unable to reopen within 10 days, 80% fail within a month. This is why it is critical to have coverages like massachusetts cyber insurance and comemercial auto. The costs associated with losses can easily cripple or bankrupt a small business, making it essential for your Massachusetts small business to invest in small business insurance.




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Small Business Insurance MA


Business Owners Policy


If your small business does not have excessive risk factors, you may quality for a business owners policy. These package policies combine the most common insurance coverage that small businesses need, such as property damage coverage and general liability, at a lower cost than buying individual policies. A business owners policy can often be tailored to your specific needs, adding and removing coverages to customize a policy just for you. Talk to your agent about if a business owners policy is right for you.


Your small business faces a wide variety of risks. As a small business owner in Massachusetts or elsewhere, you want to protect your business, allowing it to succeed even if you face a fire, theft, storm damage, or lawsuit. By investing in comprehensive business insurance, you can shield your business from the devastating financial effects of these and other events.

Small Business Insurance MA

Small Business Insurance Options


Every small business has unique needs and risks, so there are a variety of small business coverages to choose from. By combining several types of policies you can get comprehensive coverage for your business. Some common insurance choices include:

  • Property Damage Coverage – If your property is stolen or damaged, you may be compensated up to your policy limits for replacement.
  • General Liability – If a customer is injured on your property, general liability may help to cover lawsuit costs, damages, and medical expenses.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – If your business uses vehicles, you may need a commercial auto policy to meet state requirements.
  • Professional Liability – If your negligence causes harm, this coverage may help cover lawsuits and damages.
  • Product Liability – This helps to protect you against lawsuits claiming your product caused injury or illness.
  • Workers Compensation – Required by MA law if you have employees.

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