What is Side by Side Insurance?

Regardless of whether they’re driven for work or fun, side by side vehicles frequently are driven over rugged terrain and in less-than-ideal conditions. This type of operation can increase the risk that both the vehicle and people face, so it’s especially important to protect against what could happen. In addition to following all applicable safety precautions, side by side drivers in Massachusetts usually also should obtain financial protection through side by side insurance.

Side by side insurance policies are specialized off-road vehicle insurance policies that have been designed to meet the particular needs that come with operating a side by side or utility task vehicle. So that they can protect against a variety of risks, most of these insurance policies are package policies and come with at least a few individual protections.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs UTV Insurance?

Most people and businesses that have a side by side vehicle in Massachusetts should carry UTV insurance for their vehicle. This includes both residents and businesses within the state, as well as those who are in other states but operate a side by side within Massachusetts’ borders. Not carrying insurance can leave a side by side owner exposed substantial risks that they could likely otherwise protect themselves from.

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Side by Side Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Does UTV Insurance Make Available?

As is the case with other types of insurance policies, the exact coverages that UTV insurance policies provide can vary from one policy to the next. Nonetheless, there are several protections that many policies make available to side by side owners who want the coverages. Some of these are:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage, which might guard against damage to a UTV itself
  • Liability Coverage, which might guard against injuries that any people not on a UTV sustain or damage that other people’s property sustains
  • Medical Cost Coverage, which might guard against injuries that people on a UTV sustain
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which might guard against that improperly insured riders or drivers cause
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Are Accessories Covered by UTV Insurance Policies?

Whether a side by side policy covers aftermarket accessories and safety gear depends on the terms and conditions of the particular policy. Some policies do cover accessories and gear, but others offer only minimal or even no coverage for these extras.

Side by side owners who need coverage for specific accessories should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of policy. A specialized agent will know how to check whether a policy covers accessories, and they’ll be able to tell exactly which accessories a policy will cover if protection is afforded.

When considering accessories, side by side owners should be careful to keep in mind that both uncommon and common items might be viewed as accessories from an insurance standpoint. For instance, snowplows, custom seats and storage systems might all be considered accessories if a side by side vehicle has them. Helmets and gloves could be accessories too, even though they’re far more common and not permanently affixed to a vehicle.

Side by Side Insurance Massachusetts

How Are Premiums for Side by Side Policies Calculated?

The premiums that insurers charge for side by side policies are based on a plethora of factors. A few of the items that can influence how much a policy costs include:

  • How old a UTV owner is
  • Whether an owner has previously been in UTV accidents
  • What the year, make and model of a UTV is
  • Where a UTV is taken
  • Where a UTV is kept when it’s not used

Despite the premium variances that these and other factors create, most side by side policies tend to still be quite affordable.

How Can UTV Owners Get Side by Side Insurance?

For help insuring a side by side or UTV, contact the independent agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our Massachusetts insurance agents can help you explore side by side insurance options from multiple insurers, and they have the expertise necessary to help you select the most appropriate one for your situation and needs. 

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