What is Restaurant Insurance?

Restaurant owners have made sizeable investments in their establishments, and those investments should be protected as much as possible. Restaurant insurance gives Massachusetts restaurateurs a variety of coverages that shield their restaurants from possible risks.

Restaurant insurance is a specially designed form of commercial insurance that’s crafted specifically for dining establishments. Policies usually offer several coverages that work together and provide protection against multiple risks.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need a Restaurant Policy?

Most eateries and dining establishments in Massachusetts should have a restaurant policy, and some may be required by the terms of their loan or lease to carry a policy. Just a few examples of businesses that might need this type of policy include:

  • Find dining establishments
  • Casual dining establishments
  • Counter service eateries
  • Fast food eateries
  • Other businesses with restaurants on-site

Some businesses might need many of the restaurant liability insurance and other coverages that restaurant policies offer, but actually be better suited with a slightly different type of insurance policy. For instance, bars and taverns might need a tavern insurance policy rather than a restaurant policy. Similarly, food trucks might be better protected with a food truck policy, and caterers with a catering policy. These other policies have similar protections, but their coverages are slightly different from the restaurant liability insurance and other coverages found in restaurant policies.

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Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Found in Restaurant Policies?

Because restaurants are exposed to a range of risks, restaurant policies generally offer an array of standard an optional coverages. Many of these can be categorized as either restaurant liability insurance coverages or restaurant property insurance coverages.

Some of the restaurant liability insurance coverages that policies frequently offer include:

Some of the restaurant property insurance coverages that policies often make available are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may cover company-owned buildings
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage, which may cover improvements made to a leased space
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which may cover foods and ingredients against contamination
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover equipment against malfunctions
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Do Restaurants Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Restaurants that use vehicles in their regular operations normally need to carry some form of auto insurance, and there are a couple of types that may be available through a restaurant policy. Traditional commercial auto insurance is typically used to insure company-owned vehicles, such as trucks used for wholesale deliveries and vans used for catering. Hired and non-owned auto insurance is usually used to insure vehicles that a company doesn’t own but uses, like employee vehicles that are driven when making deliveries.

Restaurant owners who are unsure what type of auto insurance they need should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in restaurant policies. A specialized agent will be familiar with the many different coverages that are available through these policies, including the auto coverages that are available, and they can make informed recommendations based on a restaurant’s particular situation.

Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Restaurants in Massachusetts Get Restaurant Insurance?

For help finding a restaurant insurance policy that has the coverages your restaurant needs, contact the independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our team has worked with many establishments in Massachusetts, and we have the expertise necessary to help you find the best policy for your eatery. Since all of our agents are independent, you can be confident that our team is showing you the best available options regardless of what insurance company offers them.

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