What is Property Manager Insurance?

Property management work can be profitable work, but it comes with certain risks. Potential liability lawsuits, physical perils and other risks all could potentially leave a business financially devastated. Property manager insurance policies help protect Massachusetts property managers and the businesses they run from a range of covered risks.

Property manager insurance policies are specialized commercial insurance policies that have been designed to meet the unique needs of property managers and their businesses. So that policies can meet multiple risk mitigation needs, these policies usually come as package policies that bundle several protections together.

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What Massachusetts Businesses is Property Management Insurance Right For?

Most individuals and businesses that offer property management services in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that property management insurance affords. This generally includes any business that leases, manages or contracts services for a property that’s owned by another entity.

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Property Manager Insurance Massachusetts

Should Landlords Have Property Management Insurance?

Landlords usually need insurance to protect their properties and themselves, but property management insurance typically isn’t the right kind of policy for landlords. Instead, landlords normally are better served by a landlord insurance policy.

Moreover, landlords generally should have their own insurance regardless of whether they use a property management company that carries its own policy. A property management policy likely won’t protect a landlord in the event of a lawsuit or disaster.

Should Property Management Employees Have Their Own Insurance?

Employees who work for a property management business usually receive insurance protection through their employer’s policy and don’t need their own policy in most cases. There might be some exceptions to this broad guideline, however.

Additionally, independent contractors frequently don’t receive protection from a property management company’s insurance policy that they contract with. While there may be some instances where a company’s policy extends protections to an independent contractor, this isn’t the norm and most independent contractors have to purchase their own policy.

Individuals and businesses that are unsure whether they need this type of insurance should speak with an agent who specializes in property management policies. A knowledgeable agent can make an informed recommendation after reviewing a professional or company’s situation.

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What Protections Do Property Management Policies Offer?

Policyholders can usually adjust the exact coverages in their policies, and coverage options can vary from policy to policy. Nonetheless, there are several protections that property management policies commonly make available. Some of these are:

Importantly, the commercial property coverage included in a property management policy generally doesn’t protect managed buildings that are owned by others. Instead, it may cover buildings that a management company itself owns, such as an office or storage building.

Should Property Management Companies Carry Commercial Auto Coverage?

Many property management companies have vehicles that are driven for work-related purposes and therefore, need commercial auto coverage. Traditional commercial auto coverage is usually required for company-owned vehicles, while hired and non-owned auto coverage is often sufficient for employee-owned vehicles that get driven for work.

Both of these types of commercial auto coverage are often available through property management policies.

Property Manager Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Professionals and Businesses in Massachusetts Get Property Manager Insurance?

If you’re in the property management industry and need help finding insurance, contact the independent Massachusetts insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents have the expertise necessary to help you determine which coverages make sense for you or your business, and we can compare several different property manager insurance policies to help you find a suitable one at an affordable price.

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