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Environmental contamination can pollute the water supply, the soil, and the air. Though laws have forced businesses to reduce their environmental impact, accidental or unknown contamination can still occur. The costs of such an event and associated illness or injury can easily bankrupt your Massachusetts business. Pollution insurance can help cover many of the costs associated with this unfortunate event.


Accidents Happen


Fuel spills, explosions, dangerous chemicals, and air-borne emissions can cause lasting effects on the environment and the surrounding people and property. Some incidents, such as a fuel spill, must be dealt with urgently, while other damage occurs over time, often due to a lack of knowledge of the dangers. In either situation, your company can be held liable for all the costs associated with the clean-up, mitigation, and injury compensation. These costs have caused many businesses to declare bankruptcy. Investing in Massachusetts pollution insurance can help you pay these expenses, keeping your company in business. 



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Business That Need Pollution Coverage


Many types of businesses can benefit from pollution coverage. Any business that uses chemicals that are not safe for the environment or produces airborne emissions could be liable for pollution damages. Lawsuits can be brought by the government, other businesses, or neighbors, forming a wide range of potential risks. Contractors who use materials that are later found to be unsafe can be held liable even decades after the fact.

Businesses that should consider investing in pollution coverage include (but are not limited to):

    • Manufacturing plants
    • Contractors
    • Garages
    • Junkyards
    • Hair salons
    • Dry cleaners
    • Gas stations
    • Retailers and warehouses that store chemicals


Insurance Protections 


Your pollution policy can cover a wide range of expenses related to environmental contamination. The specific policy you need will depend on the risks your business poses to the environment. Contamination to the ground water, soil, and air are included, and many policies can include past pollution if the harmful effects were unknown at the time. Policies can include some or all of the following insurance coverage:


  • Maintaining legal compliance, if you are required to make major changes or clean-ups.
  • Environmental clean-up due to contamination. You may be able to purchase a stop-loss policy to limit out of pocket expenses.
  • Catastrophic (fire, explosion) and non-catastrophic (long-term) pollution coverage due to accidents or oversight.
  • Legal defenses for lawsuits due to injury, illness, or death from pollution.
  • Property transfer coverage if you have purchased contaminated land.
  • Errors and omissions coverage for clean-up companies and consultants.

Your policy costs will depend on the type of coverage you choose, the chemicals you use, disposal practices, and other factors. However, considering the enormous costs of recovering from environmental contamination, most companies who handle hazardous chemicals find a pollution policy to be a good investment.

There's no limit to what type of business can use pollution insurance - even jewelers who have proper jewlers insurance are still liable for transport accidents.

Environmental contamination can cause wide-ranging and long-lasting damage to the air, water, soil, and people in the area. If your company deals with chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials, you may be held liable for expensive clean-ups and injury costs. For many businesses, these damages can be crippling or even cause bankruptcy. If your Massachusetts business deals with these hazardous materials, you should consider purchasing a pollution insurance policy. By mitigating the costs to your business, you can do your part to help protect the environment and your company.

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