What Is Pet Boarding Insurance?

Running a pet boarding business, whether it’s a dog kennel, dog daycare center or other boarding facility, comes with a not-insignificant amount of risk. On any given day, equipment could be destroyed in a fire, an animal could be injured while being watched or any number of other terrible incidents could occur. Insurance helps protect against a range of risks like these, and pet boarding insurance is designed to help Massachusetts businesses that look after dogs or other pets.

Pet boarding insurance policies are commercial policies that have been tailored to the particular needs of animal boarding facilities. These policies commonly include some general protections and well as a few specialized protections that are particular to the pet industry. Bundling multiple coverages together, these policies are a type of package policy.

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Have Dog Boarding Insurance?

Dog boarding insurance or dog daycare insurance is widely helpful to many businesses that watch clients’ pets. Any business that cares for a pet while its owner isn’t present may benefit from this insurance. For example, the following businesses might want to consider this type of coverage:

  • Dog kennels
  • Dog daycare centers
  • Animal boarding facilities
  • Pet sitters
  • Dog walkers

Veterinarians and dog groomers may also need coverage for boarding pets, but this usually isn’t the only coverage that these businesses need. Veterinary clinics and grooming businesses normally are better off with a more robust veterinary or dog grooming policy that includes dog boarding insurance alongside other protections.

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Pet Boarding Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Dog Boarding Insurance Come With?

Most dog boarding insurance policies and dog daycare insurance policies have similar lists of coverages, for the insurance risks associated with watching animals are generally similar regardless of whether a business watches animals only for the day or overnight. Some of the coverages that these policies might offer include:

An insurance agent who specializes in dog daycare insurance policies and similar policies can assist businesses with finding the right coverages for their situation.

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Do Pet Boarding Businesses Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance generally insures against work-related injuries and illnesses, and most pet boarding businesses should have it. Not only are employees at risk of injury when working with animals, but Massachusetts state law requires most businesses that have employees to carry the coverage.

Workers compensation insurance isn’t included in all dog daycare policies, however. Some policies may offer it, but others may not. If workers compensation isn’t included in a dog daycare policy, it can be easily obtained via a separate policy that affords only the one coverage.

Pet Boarding Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Dog Daycare Insurance Policies Cost?

Premiums for dog daycare insurance policies are based on a variety of factors and vary as a result. In general, though, policies are quite affordable. They’re especially affordable considering the amount of protection that they provide. 

To find out how much insuring a particular pet boarding facility will cost, businesses can ask an independent insurance agent. Independent agents aren’t obligated to work with any one insurer, so they can obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies and show a business how much different companies will charge for the coverages that business needs.

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How Can Massachusetts Businesses Get Pet Boarding Insurance

If you need help insuring a pet boarding business that’s located in Massachusetts, contact the experienced and independent insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents will review your business’ situation and help you find the pet boarding insurance that’s available. With our assistance, you can be confident that your business is well-protected.

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