What is Microbrewery Insurance?

Many microbreweries start out small, but being small doesn’t protect a brewery from risk. Breweries of all sizes are exposed to many potential risks, such as vandalism, fire, theft, and liability lawsuits. To help protect themselves from covered perils, microbreweries in Massachusetts ought to have microbrewery insurance -- and they should have it before they sell their first batch of beer.

Microbrewery insurance, or craft brewery insurance, as microbrewery policies are also known, is a specialized insurance policy that’s designed to meet the unique needs of microbreweries. Craft brewery policies are generally package policies, which means they contain several individual policies within them. These individual policies work together to protect breweries from many of the risks they’re exposed to, and the individual policies can be customized to meet a specific brewery’s insurance needs.

What Microbreweries in Massachusetts Should Consider Microbrewery Insurance?

Most microbreweries in Massachusetts should have craft brewery insurance. While some large breweries may need more protections than microbrewery package policies are designed to provide, small and medium microbreweries can usually get most of the coverages they want through one of these policies.

Not only does microbrewery insurance meet the insurance needs of most small and medium breweries, but it’s normally the most affordable way to get most of the coverages a brewery needs. Some of the individual policies that are included in a microbrewery package policy can be purchased as stand-alone policies, but getting policies individually frequently ends up costing more than bundling them together in a package policy.

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Microbrewery Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Microbrewery Policies Offer?

Because microbrewery policies can be customized, the individual policies that are included in these package policies can vary. Nevertheless, there are some common coverages that most microbrewery policies have:

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Does Craft Brewery Insurance Include Workers Compensation Coverage?

In Massachusetts, most businesses that have employees need workers compensation insurance, so most microbreweries that employ people need this coverage. Workers compensation coverage usually isn’t included in craft brewery package policies, though. Instead, workers compensation coverage is typically obtained through a separate, stand-alone policy.

Most agents that help microbreweries find craft brewery policies can also help with the selection of a workers compensation policy.

Along with these broad coverages, microbrewery policies often also provide insurance coverages that are more specific to the beer industry. A policy might include:

  • Tank Collapse Insurance, which might cover the cost of processing water after a tank collapses
  • Tank Leakage Insurance, which might compensate a brewery if a leak in a tank leads to lost beer stock
  • Restaurant Property Insurance, which is usually only necessary if a brewery has a tasting room, pub or restaurant on its property
Microbrewery Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Microbreweries Get Craft Brewery Insurance?

For help finding microbrewery insurance, microbreweries should contact a licensed, independent insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance. A specialized agent can help microbreweries consider what risks they’re exposed to, and the agent will know how to best insure against those risks. Our Massachusetts agents who specialize in craft brewery insurance help breweries throughout the state.

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