What Is Medical Spa Insurance?

Medical spas require a significant investment to start up and run, and that investment ought to be protected when it’s possible to do so. Moreover, medical spas are often exposed to multiple risks and should protect themselves from as many of those risks as they can. Medical spa insurance offers medical spas located in Massachusetts protection from a range of covered risks.

Medical spa insurance is a particular type of commercial insurance that’s intended for medical spas and similar businesses. In order to offer spas a range of protections, medical spa policies typically come as package policies that have several coverages within them. Policies can often be tailored to a spa’s particular situation by selecting the precise coverages included in a policy.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Should Get Med Spa Insurance?

The vast majority of medical spas in Massachusetts ought to carry med spa insurance. Not getting insurance can leave a spa exposed to significant risk, including both property and liability risks, and this is normally the most suitable type of insurance for medical spas to carry.

(Day spas that don’t provide medical services frequently have some similar coverage needs to medical spas, but day spas will likely find that a day spa policy better suits their needs.)

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Medical Spa Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Med Spa Insurance Make Available?

Many of the coverages found within med spa insurance policies can be segregated into liability coverages and property coverages. The former usually help protect a business when it’s accused of causing harm to another party, and the latter generally protects physical assets from damage and destruction.

Some liability protections that medical spas might want to look for in a policy are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may extend coverage to basic accidents and some basic lawsuits
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may extend coverage to errors that employees make while rendering services
  • Anesthetist Liability Coverage, which may extend professional liability coverage to RN anesthetists 
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may extend coverage to harm that products a spa uses or sells cause
  • Regulatory Fines and Penalties Coverage, which may extend coverage to unintentional regulatory violations
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which may extend coverage to online hacking attacks and breaches of data
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage, which may extend coverage with a secondary level of liability protection

Some property protections that medical spas might want in a policy are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage, which may protect buildings, equipment and supplies that a spa owns
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may protect essential equipment if it breaks down
  • Business Income Coverage, which may protect against prolonged revenue losses that follow certain disasters

For help sorting through these and other available coverage options, spas should contact an insurance agent who specializes in these policies and can explain what each type of coverage is for.

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Is Workers Compensation Insurance Included in Medical Spa Policies?

Workers compensation insurance is a form of commercial insurance that generally protects against injuries and illnesses that employees suffer as a result of their work. The vast majority of businesses in Massachusetts that have employees are required to carry this insurance.

Workers compensation insurance isn’t included in all medical spa policies, however. While some policies may come with the insurance, workers compensation is frequently bought on its own through a separate policy. 

Regardless of whether it’s purchased within or separate from a medical spa policy, an agent who’s familiar with medical spa policies can likely also assist with workers compensation.

Medical Spa Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Medical Spas Get Medical Spa Insurance?

If you need help insuring a medical spa in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents will help you assess what coverages your medical spa needs, and then they can get you quotes for policies that provide those coverages from several different insurance companies. With our team’s expertise, you can be confident that the medical spa insurance policy you ultimately choose will keep your spa well-protected

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