What is Massage Therapy Insurance?

Working as a massage therapist can be both a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding career, but this line of work comes with some level of risk. In addition to common accidents, for example, therapists must worry about what would happen if a client was injured during treatment. Massage therapy insurance helps massage therapists in Massachusetts protect themselves and their businesses from many of the covered risks they face.

Massage therapy insurance is a specialized commercial insurance that’s tailored to meet the risk mitigation needs of massage therapists. In order to offer the range of protections that therapists frequently need, most of these policies come as package policies that bundle several coverages together.

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Who in Massachusetts Needs Massage Insurance?

Generally speaking, massage therapists working in Massachusetts are required to carry at least the state-mandated minimum liability insurance before they can begin practicing in the field. In addition to this liability protection, many therapists choose to get additional coverages so they’re better protected against the unexpected.

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Massage Therapy Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Massage Insurance Offer?

There are several coverages that a massage insurance policy, depending on its terms and conditions, might offer. Some of the more commonly available protections are:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover common accidents for which a therapist is found financially responsible
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may cover professional mistakes resulting in injury or property damage that a therapist makes
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover injury or damage that’s caused by products which a therapist sells
  • Rental Damage Coverage, which may cover damage to rented equipment that a therapist is responsible for
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage, which may cover owned equipment that’s stolen from an office or while working off-site

In addition to these, there are other coverages that a policy might offer and a massage therapist might want. An insurance agent who specializes in massage insurance can help therapists select the coverages that make sense for their situation.

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What’s the Difference Between Aggregate and Per-Occurrence Limits?

The minimum liability coverage requirements instituted by Massachusetts stipulate both an aggregate and a per-occurrence limit. An aggregate limit is the coverage’s limit for the duration of a policy, which is often a year but might be different. A per-occurrence limit determines that maximum payout for any one claim. The two limits can be identical, or the aggregate can be higher than the per-occurrence.

Does Massage Insurance Cover Home-Based Massage Therapy Businesses?

Massage therapists who would out of their own home should consult a knowledgeable insurance agent when looking for a massage therapy policy. Some policies cover at-home work but others don’t include such protection. An agent can help therapists that need this protection make sure it’s included in whatever policy they end up choosing.

Massage Therapy Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Massage Therapy Policies Cost?

While massage therapy policies can vary in price, they tend to be quite affordable. Even new therapists who don’t yet have a large clientele or those who work only part-time can normally afford a policy’s premiums.

An independent insurance agent can help massage therapists find out exactly how much they’ll need to pay for insurance by requesting quotes from different companies.

How Can Massage Therapists Get Massage Therapy Insurance?

For help finding massage therapy insurance in Massachusetts, contact the team of independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. We’ve worked with many massage therapists in the state, and we’d be happy to assist you. With our expertise, you can be confident that the policy you select will provide solid protection against an array of risks.

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