What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotels provide guests with lodging and many other services, and each of the services offered creates some additional risk exposure. Property and liability risks are common in the industry, and there are still other types of perils that these businesses face. Hotel insurance policies help Massachusetts hotels protect themselves from many of the risks that they face.

Hotel insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that meet the unique insurance needs of hotels and similar businesses. In order to protect against multiple risks, policies are usually underwritten as package policies that come with several individual coverages. 

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Hotel or Motel Insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that provide lodging to guests can benefit from having a hotel or motel insurance policy. This generally includes hotels, motels, lodges, inns and similar businesses.

In some cases, businesses may need insurance protections similar to those provided by motel insurance but be better suited by a slightly different type of commercial insurance policy. For example, bed and breakfasts, glamping resorts and multi-site Airbnb hosts may want a policy that’s akin to a motel insurance policy but has some minorly different protections. 

Businesses that need help selecting the most appropriate type of policy should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this type of insurance. A specialized agent will be familiar with both motel insurance and other insurance options, and they can make an informed recommendation after reviewing a business’ particular situation and risk exposure.

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Hotel Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Hotel and Motel Policies Provide?

There’s a range of coverages that businesses may be able to obtain through a hotel or motel policy. Many of these can be segregated into property or liability protections.

A few liability protections that businesses might want to seek out include:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may cover accidents that guests and other third parties sustain on a hotel’s property
  • Food-Borne Illnesses Liability Coverage, which may cover illnesses guests contract due to improperly prepared food a hotel serves
  • Premises Pollution Liability Coverage, which may cover illnesses guests contract due to mold spores or airborne contaminants in a hotel
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover alcohol-induced incidents and be required if a hotel serves adult beverages
  • Cyber Liability Coverage, which may cover data breaches and online attacks that compromise guest information or interrupt operations
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which may cover allegations of discrimination that employees bring against a hotel
  • Commercial Auto Liability Coverage, which may cover a complimentary shuttle that a hotel operates

A few property protections that businesses might want to look for are:

  • General Property Coverage, which may cover a hotel building and secondary structures on a hotel’s property
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which may cover malfunctions of essential equipment required to run a hotel
  • Food Spoilage Coverage, which may cover ingredients and foods that spoil following a natural disaster

Some other protections that hotels and motels normally should consider include utility interruption coverage, business interruption coverage, crime coverage and others. Exactly what protections are available can vary from one policy to the next.

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How Much Do Hotel and Motel Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting premiums for hotel and motel policies, and policy premiums frequently vary as a result. 

Even with the variance in cost, however, policies tend to be affordable. Paying premiums is almost certainly more affordable than having a hotel building destroyed or facing a major liability lawsuit without any insurance in place.

To find out how much insuring a particular hotel or motel would cost, businesses should speak with an independent agent who can request quotes from multiple insurance companies. 

Hotel Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Hotels in Massachusetts Get Hotel Insurance?

For help insuring a hotel or motel, contact the insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our independent agents have assisted many hotels in Massachusetts with their insurance needs, and we’re ready to help you find a hotel insurance policy that will leave your business well-protected.

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