What Is Gun Club Insurance?

The nature of activities that take place at a gun club exposes these organizations to certain risks. From the accidental slip to the fatal accident, many things can go wrong during an official club event. Gun club insurance won’t stop something from happening, but it can give Massachusetts gun clubs financial protection in the event of a covered claim.

Gun club insurance policies are specialized commercial insurance policies that have been specifically crafted for organizations like gun clubs. In order to give these organizations multiple protections, most policies are package policies that come with more than one protection in them.

What Organizations in Massachusetts Need Sportsman Insurance Policies?

In broad terms, most Massachusetts organizations and businesses that sponsor events where firearms are used should consider purchasing a sportsman insurance policy. This may include organizations like the following:

  • Shooting ranges
  • Skeet contents
  • Trapshooting contests
  • Hunting clubs
  • Archery clubs

In some cases, stores and manufacturers that sponsor events might also want to purchase this insurance for those particular events.

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Gun Club Insurance Massachusetts

Do Fishing Clubs Need Sportsman Insurance?

Fishing clubs are exposed to some of the risks that gun clubs face, and some fishing clubs also function as gun clubs. Whether a gun club policy adequately meets the needs of a fishing club, however, depends on that policy’s particular terms, conditions and exclusions. Not every sportsman insurance policy is simultaneously well-suited for both gun clubs and fishing clubs.

Fishing clubs that need insurance and gun clubs that also have fishing activities should both speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent who specializes in sportsman policies. A specialized agent will be able to guide clubs toward the best policy option given a club’s unique coverage needs.

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Why Do Gun Clubs Need to Have Liability Coverage?

Liability coverages normally protect against third-party claims and lawsuits that might be brought against an organization. In addition to the common risks that nearly every business and organization could face (e.g., slip-and-fall lawsuits), there are at least a couple of other reasons why gun clubs generally need liability coverage:

First, gun clubs may be held liable if a volunteer or employee causes an accident during a club event. Both volunteers and employees typically are considered acting on behalf of an organization during their time working for the organization, and any accidents they cause while performing their regular duties could be seen as the organization’s responsibility to resolve.

Second, gun clubs may also be held liable for accidents that a member or event attendee causes. Even if the individual is responsible, a club may be sued for contributing to the accident in some way. Regardless of the outcome of such a lawsuit, legal fees alone can be substantial.

Gun Club Insurance Massachusetts

What Can Gun Clubs Do to Save on Sportsman Policies?

One of the best ways to save on sportsman policy premiums is to compare available policies with an independent insurance agent. Whereas captive agents are typically limited to showing policies from only one company, independent agents can show clubs policies form many insurance companies. This makes it easy to select the most affordable policy that still meets a club’s needs.

In addition to comparing policies, clubs might qualify for discounts if they take measures to reduce the chances of an accident. Securing ammunition away from firearms, for instance, may qualify a club for a slight premium discount. What discounts are available vary from policy to policy, but an agent can help clubs explore what premium reductions are available to them.

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How Can Massachusetts Gun Clubs Get Quotes for Gun Club Insurance?

For assistance insuring a Massachusetts gun club, contact the independent insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents will work closely with you to find a gun club insurance policy that provides the protections your club needs.

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