What is Day Spa Insurance?

Day spas are complex businesses that face multiple risks. From the potential break-in to the possible error in work, these spas need to be prepared for a variety of things that could go wrong. While a day spa insurance policy won’t prevent something from happening, it can help spas in Massachusetts financially recover from a covered mishap or disaster.

Day spa insurance policies are commercial policies that have been specially formed to meet the particular needs of day spas. To this effect, they typically come with several coverages that get bundled together. Spas can often choose from a list of available coverages so that a policy is tailored to the business’ specific needs.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Can Salon Spa Insurance Help?

The majority of salons and day spas located in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that salon spa insurance makes available. This may include nail salons, hair salons, masseuses and other day spa businesses. All of these businesses face somewhat similar risks, and a salon spa policy will likely protect against many of those risks.

One notable business that generally shouldn’t purchase this particular commercial insurance are medical spas. The medical nature of these spas’ services goes beyond what most salon spa policies offer protection for. Instead, medical spas normally need a medical spa insurance policy.

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Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Can Businesses Get Through Salon Spa Insurance Policies?

Most of the protections that salon spa insurance policies provide can be categorized into either property coverages or liability coverages. The former tends to protect physical property in the event that it’s damaged or destroyed in a covered disaster. The latter tends to protect against covered liability lawsuits that might be filed against a business.

A couple of the property protections that a salon may want are:

A few of the liability protections that salon may need include:

There are other coverages that a policy can offer in addition to these, and some policies may not have all of these. A knowledgeable insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help spas find a policy that has the right mixture of coverages for them.

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Do Salon Spa Policies Come With Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an important protection that normally insures against job-related injuries and illnesses which employees might suffer. Most businesses that hire employees are usually required to carry the coverage, and it might even cover subcontractors in select situations.

As important as workers compensation is, however, it’s not always included in salon spa policies. Instead, many spas end up purchasing this coverage through an additional policy that provides only this protection. Agents who are familiar with salon spa policies normally can also help with workers compensation policies.

Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Businesses Get Day Spa Insurance?

If you need assistance insuring a day spa or salon that’s in Massachusetts, speak with the independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents will review your situation, and then they can help you find a day spa insurance solution that makes sense given your business’ particular risk exposure.

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