What is Dance Studio Insurance?

Dance studios can be both fun and profitable businesses, but establishing or operating one comes with some risk. From potential liability perils to property damage and loss, there are multiple possibilities that studios in Massachusetts should prepare for. Dance studio insurance offers studios protection from a variety of covered risks.

Dance studio insurance is a type of commercial insurance that’s designed to meet the unique needs of dance studios. Most of these policies come as package policies that have several coverages, which lets them shield businesses from a wider array of risks.

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What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Dance Class Insurance?

Most dance studios in Massachusetts, including both studios that have their own spaces and classes that rent space as needed, should have dance class insurance. This is generally the most appropriate type of commercial insurance for these businesses, and not carrying a policy could leave a business dangerously exposed to risk.

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Dance Studio Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Dance Class Insurance Provide?

The exact coverages in dance class policies can vary, but there are a number of coverages that many policies make available to businesses which want them. A few of the more commonly used coverages include:

  • Business Property Coverage, which may protect buildings and equipment from covered perils
  • Medical Payments for Participants Coverage, which may protect against injuries students sustain during classes
  • General Liability Coverage, which may protect against common accidents that occur at a studio
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may protect against mistakes instructors make while working
  • Sexual Abuse or Molestation Liability Coverage, which may protect against accusations of inappropriate employee misconduct

In addition to these protections, policies might also offer optional coverage for birthday parties and other private events. 

An insurance agent who specializes in dance class insurance can help studios determine which coverages they need and select a policy that has the right combination of protections.

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Do Dance Studio Policies Cover Aerial Maneuvers?

Most standard dance studio policies don’t extend coverage to areal maneuvers and instead cover only dances where the participants remain on the ground. Thus, acrobatic and areal dance groups generally need a slightly different insurance policy that more fully covers all of the activities their members participate in. 

A knowledgeable agent can help studios that need coverage for aerials find a suitable policy.

Do Dance Studios Need Insurance if Participants Sign Waivers?

Even if students sign waivers, dance studios usually still need insurance including liability coverages. While waivers may provide some defense in the event of a lawsuit, the protections these documents provide are different from those that insurance affords. Thus, waivers generally shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for a robust insurance policy.

Dance Studio Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Does Dance Class Insurance Cost?

Dance class policies’ premiums are based on many different factors and frequently vary as a result. A studio’s location, size, activities, chosen coverage and past claims history are just some of the factors that might impact how much the studio’s insurance costs.

To find out how much they’ll need to pay for a policy, studios should speak with an independent insurance agent. Whereas captive agents often are limited to a single insurer’s products, independent insurance agents are able to show studios policy options from many insurance companies in the state. This makes it easy to compare how much different companies will charge in a specific situation.

How Can Studios in Massachusetts Get Dance Studio Insurance?

For help insuring a dance studio in Massachusetts, contact Haberman Insurance Group. Our independent insurance agents have worked with several studios in the state, and we have the expertise necessary to help you make sure yours is properly protected with a robust dance studio insurance policy.

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