What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Freight companies invest a sizable amount of capital in their equipment, and that capital should be protected whenever possible. These companies also must consider what would happen if one of their drivers was in an accident. Commercial trucking insurance helps protect freight companies operating in Massachusetts from both property and liability perils. 

Commercial trucking insurance policies are a type of commercial vehicle insurance that has been specifically crafted to meet freight companies’ needs. These policies typically come with multiple coverages that work together, and the policies generally take into account the type of driving that freight companies do.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need a Commercial Truck Insurance Policy?

Broadly speaking, the majority of Massachusetts businesses that operate one or more commercial trucks likely should carry a commercial truck insurance policy. Trucks must be insured with at least the state’s mandated minimum coverages in order to legally go on public roads, and these policies tend to be the most well-suited for larger trucks.

This, of course, includes freight companies that move goods across Massachusetts or between states. These aren’t the only companies that might want a commercial truck policy, though. All of the following types of companies might need or want this insurance:

  • Long-haul, regional and local freight delivery companies
  • Recycling and waste removal companies
  • Moving companies with box trucks or semis
  • Contractors with commercially registered pickups or box trucks

Other businesses not noted here that own or use a commercially registered truck should speak with an insurance agent about their situation. An agent who’s familiar with commercial truck policies will be able to determine whether one of these policies properly addresses a given business’ risk exposure and needs.

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Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Should Companies Look for in a Commercial Truck Policy?

There are many coverages that a commercial truck insurance policy might offer and a company may want. Some common protections include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage, which often covers damage that an insured truck sustains
  • Unidentified Trailer Coverage, which often covers damage to trailers that a company doesn’t own
  • Trailer Cargo Coverage, which often covers damage to cargo that’s inside a truck or trailer
  • Liability Coverage, which often covers damage and injuries caused by a company’s drivers
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage, which often covers accidents caused improperly insured drivers

While all of these coverages take into account the risks associated with driving commercial trucks, trailer cargo coverage is a particularly specialized protection. Not only is it often not found in other commercial vehicle policies, but the coverage itself is usually underwritten for a particular cargo class. 

Companies that need trailer cargo coverage should make sure the cargo class their chosen policy protects is the same as what they haul. An insurance agent can help check this.

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What is Interchange Coverage?

Interchange coverage is another term used for unidentified trailer coverage. The two phrases are often used interchangeably, and the coverage typically covers non-owned trailers.

How Much Do Commercial Trucking Policies Cost?

There are many factors that influence how much commercial trucking policies cost. For example, all of the following can influence how much a particular company pays to get coverage:

  • The year, make and model of a company’s trucks
  • The number of miles a company’s drivers cover annually
  • The kinds of licenses and endorsements a company’s drivers have
  • The states that a company’s trucks go through
  • The sorts of cargo that a company’s trucks transport

Whether trucks go into areas that require hard hats can also impact premiums, as may many other details.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Companies Get Quotes For Commercial Trucking Insurance?

For help finding commercial trucking insurance, contact the independent Massachusetts insurance agents of Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents can quickly request quotes from multiple insurance companies for you, and we have the expertise needed to help you select the right policy from among the available options.

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