What is Catering Insurance?

Catering events can be personally and financially rewarding, but the work comes with a variety of inherent risks. Catering insurance policies help protect Massachusetts catering businesses from many of the risks they face.

Catering insurance policies are specialized commercial policies designed to meet the unique risk mitigation needs that caterers have. Most policies are written as package policies that come with multiple coverages. This allows them to protect against lots of different risks.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Caterer Insurance?

Most businesses in Massachusetts that offer catering services at customers’ locations should consider purchasing caterer insurance. This certainly includes full-fledged catering businesses, but they aren’t the only ones that might need a policy. Restaurants and other food establishments that provide catering services on the side may also need a caterer policy.

Businesses that don’t know whether caterer insurance or another type of insurance is more suited for their situation can talk to an insurance agent who specializes in these policies. A specialized agent will be able to provide informed advice and point a business toward the right kind of insurance for that particular business. 

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Catering Insurance Massachusetts

What Protections Does Caterer Insurance Offer?

Catering businesses frequently can adjust the coverages in their policy somewhat, so the exact protections included in any specific policy can vary. Nevertheless, there are many coverages that most policies make available and lots of businesses select:

  • Contents Coverage, which might cover equipment and supplies
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which might cover food contamination following a disaster
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might cover malfunctions of vital equipment
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which might cover company-owned vehicles
  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover slip-and-fall accidents and other common incidents
  • Product Liability Coverage, which might cover cases of foodborne illnesses that are spread
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might cover alcohol-influenced incidents

Caterer policies often also offer building coverage as an option, but not all catering businesses own a building and need this protection.

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What Kinds of Incidents Do Caterer Policies Cover

The precise incidents that any one caterer policy will cover are determined by that policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions. With the right coverages in place, a policy may help cover incidents like the following:

  • An employee causes an accident while driving food to a customer’s location
  • An employee fails to turn off a stove’s burner, and a fire spreads as a result
  • An employee doesn't properly cook chicken, and multiple people contract salmonella
  • An event attendee is served alcohol, becomes intoxicated and starts a fight
  • An event host trips over some catering boxes during setup and gets injured
  • Equipment is stolen from a vehicle that's left open while unloading food

How Much Do Caterer Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many different factors when setting premiums for caterer policies, so rates frequently often vary. A caterer’s location, equipment, service area and menu items may all influence premiums, as can many other items.

Even with varying costs, however, these policies tend to be quite affordable. They’re almost certainly more affordable than how much facing a major lawsuit or disaster with no protection in place could be.

Catering Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Catering Businesses in Massachusetts Get Catering Insurance?

For help insuring a catering business in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents have helped many businesses find catering insurance policies that meet their needs, and we’re able to show you quotes from several different insurance companies in the state. With one of our agent’s assistance, you can be confident that the catering policy you select will be affordable and keep your business well protected.

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