What is Backhoe Insurance?

Backhoes are essential pieces of equipment for some earth-moving jobs, but they present a variety of risks that must be considered. The machinery isn’t cheap to purchase and can be damaged, and companies must also consider what the fallout of any potential accident could be. Backhoe insurance provides companies that own and operate backhoes in Massachusetts with a variety of coverage protections.

Backhoe insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been developed to mitigate the perils associated with using heavy equipment like backhoes. Most of these policies come as package policies, which allows them to protect against both liability and property risks.

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What Companies in Massachusetts Need a Backhoe Policy?

The vast majority of Massachusetts companies that own and operate backhoes should insure their equipment, and a backhoe policy is an effective way to get the necessary protections. Thus, most companies that use backhoes ought to consider getting this type of policy. A few companies that might use a backhoe and need a policy include:

  • General contractors
  • Excavators
  • Landscapers
  • Builders
  • Road construction crews

In some cases, companies may not need coverage specifically for a backhoe because they already have protection through another insurance policy. Some of the aforementioned businesses can get package policies that meet many insurance needs and may include backhoes among their coverages.

Companies that aren’t sure whether they need a backhoe-specific policy should consult with an insurance agent who specializes in commercial equipment coverage. 

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Backhoe Insurance Massachusetts

Can Backhoe Policies Cover Other Equipment?

Many companies that have backhoes also have other heavy equipment that should be insured, and the coverages needed for this other equipment may be identical to what’s necessary for a backhoe. If a backhoe policy provides sufficient coverage for other equipment, that policy might be extended to also cover the other equipment. Whether this is possible depends on the language in a particular policy’s documentation.

Road rollers, pile drivers, hydraulic hammers, post hole diggers, trailers and pavers are some additional equipment that a backhoe policy might be able to cover.

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What Protections Do Backhoe Policies Provide?

Depending on a particular backhoe policy’s terms, it may offer converges akin to the following:

  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover certain accidents that result in damage to third parties or their property
  • Operating Risk Coverage, which might cover accidents that occur while a backhoe is in use
  • Damaged or Destroyed Coverage, which might cover a backhoe if it’s damaged or destroyed in an incident
  • Theft Coverage, which might cover the cost of replacing a backhoe if it’s stolen
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage, which might cover the cost of renting alternative equipment while covered repairs are made to a backhoe

Some policies may have still more coverage options.

Are Backhoe Policies Expensive?

How much a backhoe policy costs is dependant upon many factors. Some of the items that can influence a policy’s rates are:

  • Where the backhoe is located
  • How large the backhoe is
  • What claims a business has filed

Even with variance among policy premiums, though, this coverage tends to be quite affordable. An independent insurance agent who’s able to comparison shop quotes from different insurers can help companies find out exactly how much insuring their backhoes will be.

Backhoe Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Companies in Massachusetts Get Backhoe Insurance?

For help insuring a backhoe that’s located in Massachusetts, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Haberman Insurance Group. Our agents can help you determine whether this is a coverage your company needs, and they can get you a great policy if you do indeed need backhoe insurance.

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